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A family secret exposed

How the following information escaped my attention I find astounding. I was aware that Rudolph Hess and my father have had a decade-long relationship as student and professor from the old Munich days, but I did not realize that after the failed Munich putsch Hess found refuge in our home at 30 Arcis Strasse! I was away at the time as a student, which explains my lack of first-hand knowledge of this event. The same is true for my brother Hans.

According to my brother, my mother told him recently of this fantastic story. It came about in a discussion about the current rise of the Nazi elite and how Hess has direct contact with Hitler and other National Socialist leaders. My mother feels decidedly apprehensive about my father’s relationship with Hess and the resulting indirect connection with the Nazis. Being half-Jewish she is wary of Nazi proclamations against the Jews and has expressed this concern to my father, who has, in turn, talked with Hess.

Apparently, Hess stayed at our home in Munich for more than a week after the failed November 1923 putsch. With the help of my father, Hess escaped the authorities and made it across the border to Austria. For an unknown reason, shortly thereafter Hess came back to Germany to face trial and jail. Perhaps he was driven by a desire to face consequences side by side with his idol, Hitler. This was unlike other leaders of the time, like Goering, who lived away from Germany for several years after the Munich debacle. One must say that despite certain deficiencies, Hess is indeed a man loyal to his cause and his leader. Our family relationship with Hess may one day be valuable, in spite of our concerns.


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