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A decade of intimidation

Later this year marks ten years of intimidation by the Sturmabteilung (SA) of the Hitler’s National Socialists. These thugs distinguished themselves on Nov. 4, 1921 when during a speech by Hitler at the Munich Hofbräuhaus they supposedly thrashed larger numbers of the Marxist Left who were interrupting the meeting. Eyewitnesses claim it was the Munich police who restored order and pushed out the Reds. Hitler writes of the scene differently in Mein Kampf and to this day this ‘Saalschlacht’ (meeting hall battle) retains legenary status with Hitler and his henchmen.

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Tide is turning?

Sources tell me that Otto Meissner, von Hindenburg’s personal secretary, has paid a special visit to Adolph Hitler just down the street at Hitler’s apartment in the Kaiserhof hotel. This is an unusual event and shows the growing power of Herr Hitler. Until now,  it has been Hitler who, when required, has saddled up to visit von Hindenburg and aides. Today the mountain has come to Mohammed.

Kaiserhof Hotel

Kaiserhof Hotel

Von Hindenburg’s presidential term is over this spring. The old man  is hoping that Hitler and Rosenburg will accept the idea of extending his term without an election. This is not likely to happen. Hitler wants an election. I am sure he thinks he can win this time around. 

Von Hindenburg  has indicated he will run again only if he is unopposed. Hitler apparently has invoked the Constitution and demands that the election take place. No extension to von Hindenburg’s current term is likely. It appears we will be having another national election soon. It will be another opportunity for the Nazis to legitimately take power. I hope the German people will see the National Socialists and Hitler  for who they are: thugs. There are reports from Danzig of continuing street fighting between Nazis and the Left. Some deaths are reported.

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