Historical fiction: The tragic life of Albrecht von Haar in journal format
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First drop for British Intelligence

I made my first drop off of information to Mr. Menzies and his friends.

I was rather nervous as I roamed about in the Tiergarten at dusk with my small package.

The chestnut tree was exactly where Menzies had said it would be, just off the bridle path in the Rosengarten near the marble statue of the Empress Auguste Viktoria. I carefully set the parcel down behind the tree between two great folds of bark and quickly walked away.

Then, about 100 meters away, I marked the back of a specific bench with a bit of chalk.

A brief descritpion of my information: The Nazis are using a special device to encode their communications amongst their leadership. The device looks like a large, over-sized typewritter. It is manufactured here in Berlin by a company named Cipher Machines located at 2 Steglitserstrasse. Rumor has it that the Nazi’s are using a commercial version of the cipher machine, but that the military is working on an electrified version. If the Nazis take control of the government, they will have access to the more sophisticated version. Where militarized version is manufactured, I do not know.


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