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Hess visits, says Hitler undeterred

Monday, April 11, 1932. Hess visited my office today. He insisted that we discuss politics in my personal quarters, not in my office. We walked up two flights of stairs to my private apartment. I offered Hess a drink, but as usual, he declined.

We are acquaintances through my father and I am appreciative of his candor with me, however, I find that the man is not very bright. His closeness to Hitler is useful so I suffer his company. Today he had some disturbing news about Hitler. Positive for him, unsettling for me. Since Hess is such a fanatic for the NSDAP and Hitler himself, I must hold my tongue in order to continue obtaining information from him. He is one of my open sources. He seems to think he can either win me over to the Nazi cause or that I can at least avoid bashing the Nazis in my official journal writings. He frequently asks about my father, so I see on his part a growing sense of personal importance in national politics that he wishes me to pass on to my father the general without doing so directly himself. I promised Hess I would tell my father of his visit.

Today he reinforced my perception that Hitler is a devious fellow and that, unfortunately, the Nazi kingpin is not disappearing from the national stage anytime soon. Hitler’s plan is as follows: Hindenburg is a very old man and he won’t last out his current term. This gives the Nazis an opening within the next few years, if not months or weeks. There are state elections coming up and Hitler will throw his considerable political weight and money behind Nazi candidates. Thus the Nazis will increase their share of seats in the Reichstag. These events, combined with meddling by Hitler and his cronies, particularly Goering, will present an inevitable opportunity to take over the government.

Hitler has just lost two national elections in one month and the man and his inner circle are giddy with anticipation! The gall of it stuns me. We shall see what the coming months bring. Hitler, Hess, Goering, Goebbels, and Himmler are like vultures waiting for Hindenburg to pass into the next world. Of course, if confronted, they would consider themselves Valkyries – swooping to take Hindenburg to his rightful place in Valhalla and when their task is complete they would then take over Germany to save us all. Deutschland Uber Alles!

Hess was smiling and in good spirits when he left my apartment. He insisted as always that we share horoscopes before departing. His eyes lit up when he had a favorable reading. I, on the other hand, had an appropriately dark reading and took the rest of the day off, canceling my office appointments, drinking a bottle of schnapps and sleeping off a sense of agitation and depression. A brief call from Ada did not alleviate my feeling of foreboding. She was concerned about me. I told her I was not good company and that I’d see her tomorrow for dinner.

I noticed today that Hess now has a personal driver. An armed stormtrooper, of course.


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