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Hindenburg rises to the occasion; Hitler ruminates

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The old war horse Paul von Hindenburg has said he will run again for president. Elections are not far off – March 13, 1932, and one has to wonder what the Hitlerites will do. Hitler himself is talking as if he has already won the presidency, but he isn’t even a German citizen! He has no country. His native countrymen, the Austrians, wiped their hands of him almost 15 years ago when he joined the Bavarian army. They don’t want that rabble-rouser back any more than we want him running our country!

A Nazi informant says of Hitler, “The Fuehrer  has his plans all finished. He speaks, acts and feels as if we were already in power.”

What are the Nazis cooking up that will make Herr Hitler a citizen? Another source indicates there are plans afoot in Brunswick to appoint Hitler to a position that will grant him automatic citizenship. If so, we shall see if the public likes such crafty political moves when they vote next month.


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