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Hindenburgh cheered in Paris!

Who would have thought that the French would be seen and heard cheering for der alt Feldmarschall in the streets of Paris!


It isn’t so much that they like old man Hindenburg who was once within a few kilometers of taking Paris during the Great War – it is more that Herr Hitler lost the recent election that stirs the Frankish heart. The French are so afraid of Hitler that they are cheering the democratic election of the old man. I am no French lover, but they got it right this time.

Hitler continues to work hard to elect Nazis to the Reichstag  in coming local elections. He is again using air travel to speak all over the country. It really is quite amazing. The man certainly has an excess of zeal.  I wish he would just go away. Or perhaps someone should put him away.

By the way, I spent a few dozen marks and bought a Luger for self-protection. It’s quite an old piece, but the fellow on the street swore to me the weapon works like it did fifteen years ago in France during the war. I don’t know much about the old thing.  He told me I’d  have to dig up ammunition from someone else.  I shan’t tell Ada about it, but I feel better already knowing that I have some personal protection. Now, where do I hide it? I’ll find a spot in the apartment.



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