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Hitler made German citizen by appointment

As predicted, Adolph Hitler was made a German citizen by appointment this week. No major announcement was made so as not to magnify the embarrassing fact that until this week, Hitler was stateless. Very quietly he was made a counselor of Braunschweig (Brunswick) by the Nazi Minister of the Interior and Education of that state, Dietrich Klagges. Hitler is now a low-ranking government official at the Brunswick State Culture and Surveying Office. This is preposterous, but it fulfills the letter of the law. Hitler can now officially run for German President.

A source tells me that Klagges failed earlier this year to appoint Hitler as associate professor of “Politics and Organic Sociology” at the Braunschweig Technical College, which would have also conferred citizenship. The college vehemently opposed the scheme and Hitler was mortified by the local public uproar. Klagges only kept his job because he was needed to complete this week’s blatant coup. He succeeded in the scheme with the help of Nazi big wig  Hermann Goering. Without the help of Goering, Klagges could have lost not only his position in the NSDAP, but his head as well. Thanks to the Klagges intrigue, we don’t have to call Hitler “Herr professor.”


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