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Hitler rejects Bruening’s offer

Not wanting to strengthen Bruening and the the Republic in any way, Hitler has rejected the idea of prolonging Hindenburg’s term, calling the concept utterly “unconstitutional.” What a riot. The irony of Hitler calling anything unconstitutional is sadly laughable.

The Nazi’s are obviously spoiling for an electoral fight. I’m not sure why Hitler wants to run against Hindenburg at this time. The old man seems unbeatable.

Since the 1930’s, the Nazi’s have been winning provincial elections. But to run a country-wide election is something else indeed. Why does Hitler risk ruining his own powerful position and that of his party?  If he does obtain citizenship and runs against Hindenburg, I hope and pray that he gets beaten soundly by the old man. It would be devastating.

I would prefer that Germany install a government similar to England’s whereby King Wilhelm could come back from the low countries to his throne. I can see that scenario happening in the future if Hindenburg continues to rule, but we are lost if Hitler succeeds in his ambitious and ruthless climb to the top. Let us hold the elections, ruin Hitler and  put a stake in the heart of the Nazis!


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