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Japan attacks. Hitler watches.

Japanese naval flag
Image by futureatlas.com via Flickr

I finished my article about Japanese imperialism since the Russo-Japanese war and what happens? The Japanese are at it again! They continue to tweak the nose of China, Russia, and the world, for that matter.  The Japanese cruiser Oi with 500 marines and the 15th Japanese destroyer flotilla comprising Hagi, Susuki, Fuji and Kuru dropped anchor at the mouth of the Whangpoo river directly opposite the international settlement at Shanghai. The Japanese aircraft carrier Notoro and two others (unidentified) arrived from Chingwangtao. The fleet now comprises 37 ships.

Once the aircraft carriers arrived, I predicted to my father yesterday that an invasion was unstoppable when the Japanese ground forces had air cover. That’s precisely what happened. Hundreds of defenseless Chinese citizens are being slaughtered in the warrens of the Chapei section of northern Shanghai and the world stands by and does nothing.

Hitler’s men are watching keenly as U.S. Secretary of State Stimson and his British counterparts request “clarification” of Japanese intentions. Stimson indicates the U.S. Asiatic fleet may be used to remove American citizens from the international section of Shanghai. That’s the extent of the U.S. and British concern at this point. Clarification and evacuation. The great powers are responding to Japanese strength with plans to evacuate. Let the yellow races kill each other and what does the world care? The fact is, the world reels at Japan’s might in its own sphere of influence and there is nothing any other nation can or is willing to do about it.

Meanwhile, the League of Nations has been predictably paralyzed by Japan’s statement that the League Council “must bear a terrible responsibility if through its action a world conflagration should be precipitated.”

Sadly, the sole action of League of Nations in far away Geneva is a plan to send ten ambassadors to Shanghai to ‘ascertain the situation.’ This was announced only after the Chinese ambassador invoked articles 10 and 15 of the Charter. Quite frankly, the situation will be over in a few days, if not hours. Chang kai Shek has dispatched nationalist Chinese soldiers from Nanking by train to help the local Chinese police, but the northern train station in Shanghai has been destroyed. I am sure the Japanese will be in total control within 48 hours and will ask the Chinese to sue for peace. Combined with their recent actions in Mukden, the Japanese continue to show their aggression and total contempt for Chinese lives and culture. The Japanese understand that the  League of nations can do nothing but talk.

Hitler is taking notes while the British, Americans, Russians and Chinese wring their hands.


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