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League of Nations, disarmament and debt

The League of nations is due to meet in February in Geneva.  Several topics are on the agenda.  Disarmament will be near the top. Germany wants other nations to disarm as she has been forced to do. America and Britain tend to agree, but France is violently opposed to its own disarmament. It is concerned about the rise of Hitler and wants various security guarantees making it very clear that the rise of the Nazis poses a danger not only within Germany but to its neighbors as well..

We owe 500 million dollars to America and 300 million dollars to England. These payments are overdue. President Hoover has stated that the German debt to America will be payable in the spring. A very large payment is also due France this coming summer. No one is backing down and Germany is not paying. We’ve heard, of course, that Hitler will suspend all reparations payments if he comes to power, particularly any “tribute” to France. His stance on ceasing reparations is popular with the German masses, but where will such threats lead?


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