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Hess visits, says Hitler undeterred

Monday, April 11, 1932. Hess visited my office today. He insisted that we discuss politics in my personal quarters, not in my office. We walked up two flights of stairs to my private apartment. I offered Hess a drink, but as usual, he declined.

We are acquaintances through my father and I am appreciative of his candor with me, however, I find that the man is not very bright. His closeness to Hitler is useful so I suffer his company. Today he had some disturbing news about Hitler. Positive for him, unsettling for me. Since Hess is such a fanatic for the NSDAP and Hitler himself, I must hold my tongue in order to continue obtaining information from him. He is one of my open sources. He seems to think he can either win me over to the Nazi cause or that I can at least avoid bashing the Nazis in my official journal writings. He frequently asks about my father, so I see on his part a growing sense of personal importance in national politics that he wishes me to pass on to my father the general without doing so directly himself. I promised Hess I would tell my father of his visit.

Today he reinforced my perception that Hitler is a devious fellow and that, unfortunately, the Nazi kingpin is not disappearing from the national stage anytime soon. Hitler’s plan is as follows: Hindenburg is a very old man and he won’t last out his current term. This gives the Nazis an opening within the next few years, if not months or weeks. There are state elections coming up and Hitler will throw his considerable political weight and money behind Nazi candidates. Thus the Nazis will increase their share of seats in the Reichstag. These events, combined with meddling by Hitler and his cronies, particularly Goering, will present an inevitable opportunity to take over the government.

Hitler has just lost two national elections in one month and the man and his inner circle are giddy with anticipation! The gall of it stuns me. We shall see what the coming months bring. Hitler, Hess, Goering, Goebbels, and Himmler are like vultures waiting for Hindenburg to pass into the next world. Of course, if confronted, they would consider themselves Valkyries – swooping to take Hindenburg to his rightful place in Valhalla and when their task is complete they would then take over Germany to save us all. Deutschland Uber Alles!

Hess was smiling and in good spirits when he left my apartment. He insisted as always that we share horoscopes before departing. His eyes lit up when he had a favorable reading. I, on the other hand, had an appropriately dark reading and took the rest of the day off, canceling my office appointments, drinking a bottle of schnapps and sleeping off a sense of agitation and depression. A brief call from Ada did not alleviate my feeling of foreboding. She was concerned about me. I told her I was not good company and that I’d see her tomorrow for dinner.

I noticed today that Hess now has a personal driver. An armed stormtrooper, of course.

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Joyous day! Hitler loses to Hindenburg

Ada and I are celebrating this evening with dinner at the Hotel  Excelsior after we learned that Hitler lost the runoff election to old man Hindenburg. Hitler’s additional 2 million votes were not enough to overtake the old general.

There is no word yet how Hitler is taking the defeat, but his communications man, Joseph Goebbels, is said to be stricken with depression. London’s Daily Telegraph predicts the end of Hitler. Let’s hope they are correct.

The fate of the militant arm of the Nazis in the hands of the Weimar government. There are rumors that the stormtroopers will be banned throughout Germany.

Ada and I chose the Excelsior for dinner specifically because Hitler has banned his party from using the hotel. It is not widely known that Nazi officials were turned down by the Excelsior when they asked to use it as  Hitler’s Berlin headquarters. Hitler and his followers operate from the Kaiserhof instead and do not trade at the Excelsior. We should have an excellent evening together at the Askanischen Platz.

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Rumors fly on eve of chaotic run off election

The campaign is only a week long and so everything is compressed, including rumors. Via airplane, Hitler and his flying circus are visiting many cities each day addressing tens of thousands of admiring crowds. Hindenburg holes up at his estate.

Getting back to rumors, the biggest rumor of all is that we haven’t seen old man Hindenburg because he is dying. My sources tell me this has no truth in it. Also, rumors are spreading that his son Oskar has become a socialist and will vote for Hitler. Other rumors fly that Hindenburg’s two middle-aged daughters have become leaders of a Socialist student party.

On the other side of the fence, Hitler supposedly has become a vegetarian because he has stomach cancer. He claims he won’t live long and must win the presidency quickly to implement his plans for the German people.

SA Storm Trooper leader Ernst Roehm is back in the news. The Munich Post has published an unflattering story about the man’s homosexual proclivities. A close source tells me Hitler is enraged, but not at the newspaper. He is furious at the SA leader for once again attracting negative attention, especially during this extremely short campaign season. Hitler dispatched his lawyer, Hans Frank, to talk directly to Roehm to find out the details. Frank was stunned when tough man Roehm admitted to being ‘bisexual.’  Hitler still stands by his old SA friend but has made it clear that in no circumstance must children be involved. If children are involved Hitler told Frank that Roehm ‘Must go!’

An aside: my travels took me to the outskirts of Berlin today and I saw vagabonds at every street corner. Unlike Berlin central where the police keep them out of sight, the periphery of Berlin is rife with the unemployed and the vagrant. This worries me. These could be Hitler voters.

The undercurrent of civil war continues to bubble on the streets as well. I came across a beggar who was recently blinded in one eye. He told me he was a communist who had a violent tussle with Nazis who used brass knuckles with spikes. I fear that Hitler will do well tomorrow. But I hope that Hindenburg will keep the fascists from coming to power. Germans prefer order to chaos and I believe Hitler represents the worst political party ever to emerge in German history.

I’ve told Ada to confine her travels  to central Berlin and that I shall accompany her if she needs to go elsewhere in the capital.

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Prussia raids Nazi offices

Prussian police have raided Nazi offices in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Koenigsburg, Aachen, Duesseldorf and Frankfort-On-Main. Nazi papers have been seized which indicate the  Nazis expected the Communists to run riot if Hitler had won the election. The Nazis were prepared to go to the streets by the tens of thousands. The National government continues to investigate this near civil war. The Nazis claim the raids are a blatant tactic to prevent them from winning the upcoming run-off election on April 10. The first day of the election is scheduled for April 4. My prediction is that, based on past experience, there will be fighting in the streets on opening day and one or more fanatics, Communist or Nazi,  will be killed.

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Hindenburg defeats Hitler, but no clear majority. A run-off election next month.

Old man Hindenburg missed winning the presidency by a mere .4 of a percent. He polled 18,651,497 votes to Hitler’s 11,339,446 votes. The nationalists and the Communists split the remaining votes.

So, because of a shortage of fewer than 200,000 votes for the old man,  we’ll suffer through a run-off election next month.

I am happy to report that high-level Hilterites are despondent, propagandist Herr Goebbels particularly, but that Hitler himself is said to be ready to go at it again next month with renewed vigor. The more he can poll in the elections, the more his Nazis can be represented in the Reichstag.

A source tells me of an alarming development the night before the election. Apparently, Ernst Rhoem’s SA stormtroopers, 400,000 strong, cordoned off much of Berlin in case Hitler won the vote,  apparently with the intent to take over the entire government in a coup. The Wiemar government is investigating. If true, this could result in serious repercussions for the Nazis. It rings of the unsuccessful Munich putsch, which is not a favorable impression for Herr Hitler and his minions and once again reeks of treason.

I also understand that Hitler is furious at Chancellor Bruening for setting aside all government radio programming during the election for use only for Hindenburg electioneering. It amazes me that Hindenburg gave only one speech during the entire election and it was a recording played on the radio the night before the vote. It shows the old man is still beloved by many of the electorate, even in his dotage – or that the masses are frightened by the far left and far right fighting it out in the streets and whether the marauders can actually govern if elected.

We’ll watch carefully to see how Hitler and his gang handle the next election round. I am assured the communists will run again, but the nationalists may throw in with Herr Hitler.

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Menzies contacts me again. This time about IBM.

British intelligence has contacted me again. Menzies wants me to be on the lookout for information about the scientific concept of “massively organized information” being developed by International Business Machines (IBM) and it’s German subsidiary Deutsche Hollerith Maschinan Gesellschaft, or Dehomag,  for short.

Apparently, Dehomag is perfecting a census system in Germany using an electronic machine that can tabulate up to 256 pieces of information about an individual on one 5×3 inch punched card. This system will revolutionize the amount of information the  government can collect about its population. What will be done with this information is still a mystery to me.

Technology is not my forte, so Menzies promised to provide more detail on this subject (and Dehomag)  in a package to be delivered tomorrow at our drop location in the Tiergarten.

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Hitler made German citizen by appointment

As predicted, Adolph Hitler was made a German citizen by appointment this week. No major announcement was made so as not to magnify the embarrassing fact that until this week, Hitler was stateless. Very quietly he was made a counselor of Braunschweig (Brunswick) by the Nazi Minister of the Interior and Education of that state, Dietrich Klagges. Hitler is now a low-ranking government official at the Brunswick State Culture and Surveying Office. This is preposterous, but it fulfills the letter of the law. Hitler can now officially run for German President.

A source tells me that Klagges failed earlier this year to appoint Hitler as associate professor of “Politics and Organic Sociology” at the Braunschweig Technical College, which would have also conferred citizenship. The college vehemently opposed the scheme and Hitler was mortified by the local public uproar. Klagges only kept his job because he was needed to complete this week’s blatant coup. He succeeded in the scheme with the help of Nazi big wig  Hermann Goering. Without the help of Goering, Klagges could have lost not only his position in the NSDAP, but his head as well. Thanks to the Klagges intrigue, we don’t have to call Hitler “Herr professor.”

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I was wrong. Chinese hold off Japanese invasion.

It has been over three weeks now that the Chinese have fended off the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army.

I am mightily impressed and surprised. The Chinese have taken a beating, with thousands of civilians and soldiers dead in the streets and fields surrounding Shanghai. Despite superior guns, planes and training, the Japanese have failed to break the Chinese and have called for a “strategic retreat,” but have not left the Chinese mainland.

Japanese Admiral Shiozawa has been ‘disgraced’ and replaced by Admiral Nomura. Army General Ueda has been ‘disgraced’  and replaced by General Shirokawa. In the old days, the Japanese military Bushido creed would have required the disgraced officers to kill themselves. The Japapnese have obviously determined that such a practice would result in an unacceptable  loss of line officers and have instead come up with the ‘strategic retreat’ gambit to save face.

What can the German militarists learn from this Japanese debacle? I assume they are studying the results with typical Prussian thoroughness and come to the conclusion that the Japanese did not have enough firepower and troops focused  against the weakest points of the Chinese forces. Or they may conclude that there are just too many damn Chinese to win major land battles.

Instead of victory, the Japanese are licking their wounds and have succeeded in branding themselves as bandits by the international community. They have also strengthened the nationalist hand of Chiang Kai-shek, who is now seen as a hero.

My Chinese contacts in Berlin tell me that the whole reason for the invasion was the result of militant ultra-nationalist Japanese monks who purposefully attacked Chinese merchants and were shot and killed. This pretext of “killing Japanese citizens” by the Chinese was used as a ruse to invade Shanghai. I am guessing that a similar subterfuge was used in the Mukden incident. This kind of illicit sham by Tokyo will surely gain the attention of Hitler and his cronies. Mark my words. You cannot believe everything you read in the papers. There are Machiavellian forces at work in the world…. across the vast seas and right here in Germany.

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Hitler’s fate up to Germans now

Adolf Hitler portrait, bust, 3/4 facing right.

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My sources tell me that Hitler has decided to dive head first into the presidential race against Paul von Hindenburg. Herr Hitler is putting his political career on the line and perhaps his head on the chopping block. The coming weeks may very well determine his personal political fate as well as that of National Socialism. He is going all in.My instincts tell me that Hitler will be around for quite a while, regardless of the outcome, unless he is assassinated.

Once again I bring the point that in order for Hitler to run in the presidential election, he must become a German citizen. I await some news on this topic shortly. All eyes are on Brunswick as its elected Nazi leadership has the ability to appoint Hitler to a local government post, thus automatically making him a German citizen, rather than the stateless person he is at this hour. It is a rather remarkable phenomenon that most people don’t know Hitler has neither German nor Austrian citizenship.

So, why have I fixated on Herr Hitler and his Nazi followers? To our great national misfortune, I believe National Socialism will emerge victorious from this messy soup of political parties we have today in Germany. Too many people are terrified of the communists and their Soviet puppet masters. That party will go nowhere but down and out. They are checkmated on all sides. Besides, the Soviets are ruthlessly managing their economy, experiencing terrible, devastating famines. The Red Menace is too ingrained in the minds of a majority of working class and aristocratic Germans for those groups to ever turn in the leftist direction.

The Catholic Center party and the so-called conservatives are losing ground and I don’t believe Hindenburg can get a clear majority in the looming presidential campaign. Compared to Hitler’s vigor, the old man appears drained and feeble and will  only appeal to a portion of the electorate desiring a return to the old ways.

In contrast, the energetic Hitler, with populist promises and spectacular parades, is reaching across many political lines to appeal to an electorate hungry for Germany’s return to its rightful place on the world stage. His speeches are imbued with uniting Germany, not tearing it apart, which is a clever tactic. He appeals to the volk and rails against popularized common ‘enemies’ – communists, liberals, parliamentarians, The Wiemar Republicans, foreign capitalists, the strictures of the Versailles treaty and all its signers, and finally, but not least, weak-kneed diplomatic back-stabbers responsible for losing the Great war, which many Germans believe we never lost. My father boasts to this day that his artillery battalion was never defeated on the field of battle by the Russians, French, British or Americans.

My favorable political prediction for the eventual success of the Nazis does concern me enormously, of course, because underlying Hitler’s campaign to legally take control of Germany (vs. his putsch attempt in Munich 10 years ago) is an undercurrent of totalitarianism, ultra-nationalism, and antisemitism. No one disputes Hitler is envious of Mussolini’s fascist success. Hitler, like Mussolini, is a rabid bully.

Herr Hitler has toned down his antisemitism as the main thrust in his speeches, but one only has to read passages from Mien Kampf to see that in back rooms he uses parasitic analogies to condemn all ‘foreigners’ in Germany, particularly Jews. I counter than German Jews are not foreigners. My family has been in this country for over 100 years. Nazi philosophy ignores the ‘Germanness,’ loyalty, and integration Jews have enjoyed in Germany, including the fact that Jews fought in the Great War in the same proportion as any other German group. Nazism is a vile philosophy cloaked in a thin veneer of respectability – the underpinnings of which are so heinous that Hitler and his staff must keep its xenophobic origins under wraps during the coming campaign. But the truth of it all will all surface one day. I hope to help make that happen.

On a related note, Ada and I went to see Franz Schrecker’s opera “Der Schmied von Gent” last night. Showing the racist face of Nazism, Brownshirts were outside the opera theater harassing patrons. You see, Schrecker is Jewish. Ada didn’t want to go into the theater when she saw the commotion, but I insisted and we continued on our way. I gripped Ada’s hand tightly and pushed through the throng. The hatred on the faces of the fascist hate mongers took my breath away. I pulled Ada close and we made it safely inside the theater.  These staged Nazi protests are not going to prevent me from supporting artists in Berlin, regardless of race, and I will not be bullied. I will stand my ground.

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Japan attacks. Hitler watches.

Japanese naval flag
Image by futureatlas.com via Flickr

I finished my article about Japanese imperialism since the Russo-Japanese war and what happens? The Japanese are at it again! They continue to tweak the nose of China, Russia, and the world, for that matter.  The Japanese cruiser Oi with 500 marines and the 15th Japanese destroyer flotilla comprising Hagi, Susuki, Fuji and Kuru dropped anchor at the mouth of the Whangpoo river directly opposite the international settlement at Shanghai. The Japanese aircraft carrier Notoro and two others (unidentified) arrived from Chingwangtao. The fleet now comprises 37 ships.

Once the aircraft carriers arrived, I predicted to my father yesterday that an invasion was unstoppable when the Japanese ground forces had air cover. That’s precisely what happened. Hundreds of defenseless Chinese citizens are being slaughtered in the warrens of the Chapei section of northern Shanghai and the world stands by and does nothing.

Hitler’s men are watching keenly as U.S. Secretary of State Stimson and his British counterparts request “clarification” of Japanese intentions. Stimson indicates the U.S. Asiatic fleet may be used to remove American citizens from the international section of Shanghai. That’s the extent of the U.S. and British concern at this point. Clarification and evacuation. The great powers are responding to Japanese strength with plans to evacuate. Let the yellow races kill each other and what does the world care? The fact is, the world reels at Japan’s might in its own sphere of influence and there is nothing any other nation can or is willing to do about it.

Meanwhile, the League of Nations has been predictably paralyzed by Japan’s statement that the League Council “must bear a terrible responsibility if through its action a world conflagration should be precipitated.”

Sadly, the sole action of League of Nations in far away Geneva is a plan to send ten ambassadors to Shanghai to ‘ascertain the situation.’ This was announced only after the Chinese ambassador invoked articles 10 and 15 of the Charter. Quite frankly, the situation will be over in a few days, if not hours. Chang kai Shek has dispatched nationalist Chinese soldiers from Nanking by train to help the local Chinese police, but the northern train station in Shanghai has been destroyed. I am sure the Japanese will be in total control within 48 hours and will ask the Chinese to sue for peace. Combined with their recent actions in Mukden, the Japanese continue to show their aggression and total contempt for Chinese lives and culture. The Japanese understand that the  League of nations can do nothing but talk.

Hitler is taking notes while the British, Americans, Russians and Chinese wring their hands.

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