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Trotsky and Hitler

Leon Trotsky calls Hitler a blowhard: “In every war, the enemy tries to exaggerate its strength to impress the enemy. Hitler is just as good a braggart as Napoleon was. but his pretensions will become true only the minute that the proletariat takes faith in them.”

Hitler hit back in Munich, calling Roman Catholics and others that oppose him “tools of Bolshevism.”

He continued, “The bourgeoisie do not seem to realize that Bolshevism is shaking the foundations of civilization. Victory for Bolshevism would mean the end of all — including religion — and a relapse into barbarism. If our movement were wiped out today Germany would be Bolshevist tomorrow!

“On to victory. Comrades, we march into 1932 as fighters so that we may leave it as victors! Long live our ever beloved German people! On to victory like knights without fear or blame – we will charge—through Hell, Death, and Damnation!”

This is typical Hitler rhetoric.

The Communists and the Nazis go at it daily with frequent fatalities on both sides. Trotsky sent a recent message to German Communists, trying to bolster their efforts to take over Germany. What a mess we are in. Communists on one side, Nazis and ultra-nationalists on the other and the ineffective Wiemar Republic in the middle. Lord help us all.


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