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What is happening to us?

I overheard a stupid remark this morning in a cafe on Wilhelmstrasse.

“A German must not like jazz, just as a German man must not like a Jewess. This is what the Nazis say and I have come to agree with it. I also prefer proper German music like marches, folk music and the classics. Wagner and Strauss, of course, are my favorites.”

What rot! The man was a young officer in the Navy and a simpleton.

My offices are near the government center in Berlin so I frequently encounter military officers in the area pubs, cafes and restaurants. I wanted to confront this ignorant man, but got up and walked away. My coffee was still hot and so was I.

This evening I made it a point to play my records of Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Bud Freeman and Edie Condon.

I will not tell my mother what I heard, but I will certainly tell father.


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