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Hitler’s fate up to Germans now

Adolf Hitler portrait, bust, 3/4 facing right.

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My sources tell me that Hitler has decided to dive head first into the presidential race against Paul von Hindenburg. Herr Hitler is putting his political career on the line and perhaps his head on the chopping block. The coming weeks may very well determine his personal political fate as well as that of National Socialism. He is going all in.My instincts tell me that Hitler will be around for quite a while, regardless of the outcome, unless he is assassinated.

Once again I bring the point that in order for Hitler to run in the presidential election, he must become a German citizen. I await some news on this topic shortly. All eyes are on Brunswick as its elected Nazi leadership has the ability to appoint Hitler to a local government post, thus automatically making him a German citizen, rather than the stateless person he is at this hour. It is a rather remarkable phenomenon that most people don’t know Hitler has neither German nor Austrian citizenship.

So, why have I fixated on Herr Hitler and his Nazi followers? To our great national misfortune, I believe National Socialism will emerge victorious from this messy soup of political parties we have today in Germany. Too many people are terrified of the communists and their Soviet puppet masters. That party will go nowhere but down and out. They are checkmated on all sides. Besides, the Soviets are ruthlessly managing their economy, experiencing terrible, devastating famines. The Red Menace is too ingrained in the minds of a majority of working class and aristocratic Germans for those groups to ever turn in the leftist direction.

The Catholic Center party and the so-called conservatives are losing ground and I don’t believe Hindenburg can get a clear majority in the looming presidential campaign. Compared to Hitler’s vigor, the old man appears drained and feeble and will  only appeal to a portion of the electorate desiring a return to the old ways.

In contrast, the energetic Hitler, with populist promises and spectacular parades, is reaching across many political lines to appeal to an electorate hungry for Germany’s return to its rightful place on the world stage. His speeches are imbued with uniting Germany, not tearing it apart, which is a clever tactic. He appeals to the volk and rails against popularized common ‘enemies’ – communists, liberals, parliamentarians, The Wiemar Republicans, foreign capitalists, the strictures of the Versailles treaty and all its signers, and finally, but not least, weak-kneed diplomatic back-stabbers responsible for losing the Great war, which many Germans believe we never lost. My father boasts to this day that his artillery battalion was never defeated on the field of battle by the Russians, French, British or Americans.

My favorable political prediction for the eventual success of the Nazis does concern me enormously, of course, because underlying Hitler’s campaign to legally take control of Germany (vs. his putsch attempt in Munich 10 years ago) is an undercurrent of totalitarianism, ultra-nationalism, and antisemitism. No one disputes Hitler is envious of Mussolini’s fascist success. Hitler, like Mussolini, is a rabid bully.

Herr Hitler has toned down his antisemitism as the main thrust in his speeches, but one only has to read passages from Mien Kampf to see that in back rooms he uses parasitic analogies to condemn all ‘foreigners’ in Germany, particularly Jews. I counter than German Jews are not foreigners. My family has been in this country for over 100 years. Nazi philosophy ignores the ‘Germanness,’ loyalty, and integration Jews have enjoyed in Germany, including the fact that Jews fought in the Great War in the same proportion as any other German group. Nazism is a vile philosophy cloaked in a thin veneer of respectability – the underpinnings of which are so heinous that Hitler and his staff must keep its xenophobic origins under wraps during the coming campaign. But the truth of it all will all surface one day. I hope to help make that happen.

On a related note, Ada and I went to see Franz Schrecker’s opera “Der Schmied von Gent” last night. Showing the racist face of Nazism, Brownshirts were outside the opera theater harassing patrons. You see, Schrecker is Jewish. Ada didn’t want to go into the theater when she saw the commotion, but I insisted and we continued on our way. I gripped Ada’s hand tightly and pushed through the throng. The hatred on the faces of the fascist hate mongers took my breath away. I pulled Ada close and we made it safely inside the theater.  These staged Nazi protests are not going to prevent me from supporting artists in Berlin, regardless of race, and I will not be bullied. I will stand my ground.


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