Historical fiction: The tragic life of Albrecht von Haar in journal format
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A walk in Hyde Park

The Serpentine lake at Hyde Park   I had expected to be met at Waterloo station by one of the Earl of Berkshire’s men, but was instead met by one of Menzies’ intelligence types. He walked up to me as though we had known each other for ages. He said his name was Paul, though I suspect that simple fact was doubtful. He shook my hand, took a quick glance around at others on the platform and led me to the front of the station. Another man arrived shortly and brought my things, including my large, trustworthy portmanteau. Paul noticed my small, empty suitcase and gave me a nod of approval. My luggage, including the small suitcase was loaded into an awaiting AC Sedan. I was then told we were going for a short detour through Hyde Park. What is it with these kind of people and metropolitan parks? We headed off and crossed the Thames, with Paul driving. We approached Hyde Park from the Knightsbridge or south side. We pulled over into a no parking zone where a constable stood. The officer gave a knowing glance in Paul’s direction and said nothing. He stood his ground as we walked away. There was a man standing nearby, puffing on a cigarette. He tossed it aside and walked up to our sedan and slipped inside. I was startled, but Paul took me by the arm forcefully and said, “Never look surprised. That man will meet us with the car on the other side of the park. His job is to put the wireless equipment in the suitcase while we walk through the park.” I regained my composure as we strode down to the Serpintine. Paul told me that I was being given state of the art wireless equipment as had been discussed in Berlin, but that the equipment was not for me. He said his group never expected me to learn how to use such a telegraphic device and its associated codes. Instead I was to deliver the suitcase to a British agent back  in Berlin.


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