Historical fiction: The tragic life of Albrecht von Haar in journal format
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A drive to Bracknell

Before leaving London, I made good on Ada’s request to drop off her letters. The address of her aunt and uncle was not far from Hyde Park, to the north a bit, near Regent’s Park, and Paul readily agreed to help me run the errand. We pulled up to a weathered white townhouse near the Baker Street Underground Station. It so happened that Ada’s relatives were not home, so I popped the letters into the mail slot and we were off to Bracknell. We passed one of my favorite scenes – a distant look at Windsor Castle across beautiful green fields. It is a beautiful sight, indeed.

Windsor Castle at sunset as viewed from the Lo...

Windsor Castle

The remaining drive to the Earl’s estate in Bracknell is less than 10 miles from Windsor. Paul took this opportunity to ask me if I had any more knowledge about IBM’s involvement with Deutsche Hollerith Maschinan Gesellschaft. I stated that I would continue to be on the lookout, but that I only had  limited information at this time. He also asked about the militarized cipher machine. I told him that I had heard that the German Navy had been using a version of the cipher machine for several years. Messages were encoded and then sent by Morse code ship to ship. Apparently the Navy now has an electric version of the cipher machine and it will soon be adopted by the Army. I had also heard that the Polish government was working to break the resulting codes, so far with no success. Paul gave no indication if this information was new to him.

We soon arrived at the Earl of Berkshire’s estate, where we were greeted warmly by my friends, the Earl and Lady Berkshire and their staff. Paul unloaded my luggage, said he’d pick me up in three days, wished me well with my academic presentation and drove off into the dusk.


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