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A gift from Lausanne

I heard good news as I arrived back in Berlin. At the Lausanne Conference it appears von Papen has done us some good after all. The conferees have agreed to postpone $45 million US dollars in payments due July 2. The topic of payments should not come up again until after the U.S. presidential elections (between President Hoover and Governor Roosevelt).  I see the payments delay as a gift to von Papen and his cabinet.  England and France obviously want to stabilize von Papen’s government against the attacks by Hitler and his disgusting mouthpieces Goering and Goebbels. Although the Versailles document is not abrogated, war reparations may now be in permanent limbo. The war guilt clause was not resolved due to French intransigence – as usual.

The unfair outflow of hard currency from our country can now stop for the time being. The overall result is good for the German people and cannot but help Herr von Papen. This could go a long way towards putting our Fatherland back on its feet economically.  I certainly pray so for the beggars in the streets across the country. And for my family and all our Fatherland, of course.

From the French minister Herriot: “(British) Prime Minister MacDonald pleaded with me to come to the middle of the road. I went further and we have reached, I believe, the best conclusion that could be reached for world peace, especially European peace. We came here not to reach a solution for profit, but for justice. I believe that we have succeeded. And here for France I hold out my hand in friendship to the world.”

If the French truly want peace, they should stop balancing their national budget with billions of marks stolen from the German people.


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