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First Time since War that Communists and Socialists Protest Together in Berlin

In a surprise move, the Reds and Socialists are protesting together today in the Lustgarten. What brought them together is Von Papen’s command to close the Vowaerts newspaper for five days.  His edict was upheld by the Supreme Court. The court’s ruling confirmed Von Papen’s claim that he had been slandered by a cartoon depicting him paying for new Nazi uniforms out of government funds. I have a grave concern with the government closing an opposition newspaper, even for a week. It may have a chilling effect on editors and reporters. I cannot imagine such a thing happening in London, Paris, or Washington. But in Berlin, we live in difficult times.

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Chancellor von Papen making an address to American radio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Prussian Diet riot

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Now the Nazis and the Reds have really made a muck of things. They have utterly destroyed the venerable Prussian Diet, Preußischer Landtag, during a riot amongst themselves. Who knew that free speech could cause such havoc. Apparently, a Red speaker claimed that there were murderers amongst the Nazi Prussian delegation (undoubtedly there are) and before he could get the accusatory words out of his mouth, the Nazis seized upon him and his brothers. I am certainly no Red fan, but on this day I wish the Reds could have given the Nazis a thrashing. It was not to be the case.  The Nazis outnumbered the Reds two to one and all hell broke loose. The Reds were forced from the Diet, but not without a fight that completely ruined the interior of the famous old building. This is unprecedented in German history. I hope to God it is not a sign of things to come.  All of Europe must be alarmed, as I am. Ada tells me that her uncle Karl Goetsch, an onlooker, received a cut above his right eye. Apparently, Uncle Karl was struck by a crazed Nazi who conveniently had brass knuckles on his person. Imagine such a thing. Delegates going into the Prussian Parliament so armed. Outrageous! Who is to save us from these humiliations? Adolph the Great must be proud of his boys, but old man Hindenburg needs to step forward if only he can be rousted from his Junker estate and his stupor.

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Hindenburg defeats Hitler, but no clear majority. A run-off election next month.

Old man Hindenburg missed winning the presidency by a mere .4 of a percent. He polled 18,651,497 votes to Hitler’s 11,339,446 votes. The nationalists and the Communists split the remaining votes.

So, because of a shortage of fewer than 200,000 votes for the old man,  we’ll suffer through a run-off election next month.

I am happy to report that high-level Hilterites are despondent, propagandist Herr Goebbels particularly, but that Hitler himself is said to be ready to go at it again next month with renewed vigor. The more he can poll in the elections, the more his Nazis can be represented in the Reichstag.

A source tells me of an alarming development the night before the election. Apparently, Ernst Rhoem’s SA stormtroopers, 400,000 strong, cordoned off much of Berlin in case Hitler won the vote,  apparently with the intent to take over the entire government in a coup. The Wiemar government is investigating. If true, this could result in serious repercussions for the Nazis. It rings of the unsuccessful Munich putsch, which is not a favorable impression for Herr Hitler and his minions and once again reeks of treason.

I also understand that Hitler is furious at Chancellor Bruening for setting aside all government radio programming during the election for use only for Hindenburg electioneering. It amazes me that Hindenburg gave only one speech during the entire election and it was a recording played on the radio the night before the vote. It shows the old man is still beloved by many of the electorate, even in his dotage – or that the masses are frightened by the far left and far right fighting it out in the streets and whether the marauders can actually govern if elected.

We’ll watch carefully to see how Hitler and his gang handle the next election round. I am assured the communists will run again, but the nationalists may throw in with Herr Hitler.

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Reds threaten death to Hitler in Dusseldorf

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I returned to Berlin yesterday. Ada stopped by tonight and informed me that she was in Dusseldorf last week visiting her parents. She tells me there was quite a riot when Hitler spoke to local industrialists at a large hall in downtown Dusseldorf. The Communists gathered outside and caused quite a scene. Someone cried out, “Death to Hitler!” and the rush was on.

Hitler’s personal guard, the SA, did what they do best. They cracked heads. There was blood in the street. Ada explained that the SA is simply better armed and trained than the Reds and it showed. The local police came to clean up the mess, but not until after the storm troopers had their way with the Communists. Hitler made it clear that the Reds shall think again before tackling his well-trained bodyguards.

Ada’s parents were so shocked at the violence that they put her on the next train to Berlin and here we are. She’ll stay the night. I’ll finish my article on Japanese expansionism. Tomorrow Ada and I will spend the day together.

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