Historical fiction: The tragic life of Albrecht von Haar in journal format
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A visit in the night – friend or foe?

January 1932. I was getting ready for bed this evening when I received a call from a fellow named Clyde Menzies. He spoke German well, but betrayed a slight British accent and seemed  more than a bit anxious on the phone. He wanted to meet me immediately at a local cafe. I told him I was indisposed, but he was insistent and mentioned that he was an acquaintance of my English friend the Duke of Hamilton. This immediately got  my attention and I agreed to meet him at a small cafe on Unter Linden.

It turns out that Menzies is a British agent. Or so he says. Why he would tell me this is a bit of a  mystery, but he indicated that, like me, Englishmen in high places are concerned about the rise of Hitler and that I have been identified  as a bone fide source of intelligence. No doubt they are aware of at least some of my contacts.

Menzies wants to set up several  drop off spots in the Tiergarten whereby I can pass along information that I deem important enough to share with Lord Hamilton and his political friends. Menzies did not go into much detail, he seemed distracted, but instead left me a sheaf of papers to read regarding simple techniques for leaving documents in safe places in the gardens. I am to burn these papers within 24 hours.  I must  memorize three drop off points and the matching methods of indicating to Menzies I have something valuable to share.

Before departing company, I was suddenly seized with the terror that Menzies was actually a Nazi, perhaps an emissary of Himmler or Goring, trying to infiltrate my contacts. I therefore asked him several pointed questions regarding our supposed common acquaintance, the Duke. These questions were as mundane as the squadron of aeroplanes Hamilton commanded (602 Glasgow),  his favorite dish when in London (lamb with red currant jelly), and whether Hamilton had ever been to Vienna and when (yes, 1928). I was satisfied with his answers.

At least for now.

I am truly now in the middle, caught between my Western friends and Nazi fanatics who seem hell bent on taking over my country. I must be extra careful if I work with the British. I am concerned for my family’s safety, as well as my friends and confidants.

I got home after midnight and could hardly sleep. I am typing this at daybreak, wondering if I have been contacted by friend or foe.

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