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Illicit “Red Cross” mustard gas production

“Gassed” by John Singer Sargent

I received a clandestine report from a source today that a large factory located in Hamburg, Chemische Fabrik Stoltzenberg, has produced a new blistering gas agent that is 40 times more deadly than the Yellow Cross and Blue Cross gases of the Great War. It is being named “Red Cross.” The noted chemist Hugo Stoltzenburg supervises production. For secrecy’s sake, work on the gas fabrication lines is limited to members of the Stahlheim (Steel Helmets). My source indicated that aeroplanes, either civil or military, can deliver this new gas.

Against whom are we planning to use this terror? What madness lies just below the surface of this growing and hidden German war machine! Chemical gas production and experimentation is against the international law of the Geneva protocols of 1925. I wonder if the Nazis are yet aware of this development. My guess is that there is a fair amount of undisclosed collaboration between Hitler, Goring and various leaders of the German Army. There is another alarming question: Is Hindenburg aware of such unlawful preparations, or is he simply too old and ill to know or care? What of his advisers? I will notify the British of the chemical gas production as soon as practicable. One can only assume that the British disposed of all chemical weapons per Geneva. They should be made aware of this madness.

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Election rumors

Sources tell me that Hitler was called from Munich to Berlin to talk with Chancellor Bruening about prolonging Hindenburg’s presidential term. Hindenburg does not want to go through the strain of another election. The old man wants to prolong his own term, but not have to once again fight for it against Hitler and others.

Hitler reportedly said in Munich when he received the summons to Berlin that, “Now I have them in my pocket! They have recognized me as a partner in their negotiations.”

Bruening’s  proposal includes two incentives. If the Nazis agree to Hindenburg’s term extension, Bruening will retire once he settles the problem of repaying reparations and restoring equality for rearming Germany. He also said that on his retirement, he would suggest to Hindenburg that Herr Hitler be made Chancellor.

Hitler has apparently not given an answer yet. He has retired to the Kaiserhof just down the street to confer with his deputies. My sources at the hotel tell me that Hess, Strasser, Goebbels, Goering and Roehm are all in attendance.

We shall see what the morrow brings.

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Sources tell me that Hitler’s lieutenants are in discussions in Berlin, New York and London with at least four major American companies and foundations and a British oil company. The Rockefeller Foundation is providing money for funding the study of eugenics. The Carnegie Foundation is apparently in talks regarding funding German-based studies of race relations. Ford and General Motors are salivating at the thought of mechanizing the Wehrmacht. IBM is touting the value of its Hollerith electronic data tabulation system for facilitating a German census cataloging each person by race, religion, trade, and so forth. In the mean time, the British Anglo-Persian Oil Company is offering oil to Germany. What does all this mean? The Nazis are obviously preparing the groundwork for when they take power. But such an outcome is not inevitable. I have faith in the German people.

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