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Hitler flying madly across Germany prior to July 31, 1932 elections

Hitler is careening around Germany like a madman (again) prior to the July 31 elections. He feels The Old Gentleman won’t live forever. Hitler is flying crisscross over Germany like the proverbial Flying Circus – visiting some 50 cities. He has almost crashed several times in bad weather. He won’t fly with any pilot other than Hans Bauer. This week a crowd of 10,000 in Stralsund, Pomerania was kept waiting for 6 hours before Hitler showed up after dark to speak. If this fanaticism on the part of German voters is any indication, the Nazi numbers will very likely increase in the Reichstag come August.


Hitler (left), standing behind Hermann Göring ...

Hitler (left), standing behind Hermann Göring at a Nazi rally in Nuremberg (c. 1928) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Hindenburgh cheered in Paris!

Who would have thought that the French would be seen and heard cheering for der alt Feldmarschall in the streets of Paris!


It isn’t so much that they like old man Hindenburg who was once within a few kilometers of taking Paris during the Great War – it is more that Herr Hitler lost the recent election that stirs the Frankish heart. The French are so afraid of Hitler that they are cheering the democratic election of the old man. I am no French lover, but they got it right this time.

Hitler continues to work hard to elect Nazis to the Reichstag  in coming local elections. He is again using air travel to speak all over the country. It really is quite amazing. The man certainly has an excess of zeal.  I wish he would just go away. Or perhaps someone should put him away.

By the way, I spent a few dozen marks and bought a Luger for self-protection. It’s quite an old piece, but the fellow on the street swore to me the weapon works like it did fifteen years ago in France during the war. I don’t know much about the old thing.  He told me I’d  have to dig up ammunition from someone else.  I shan’t tell Ada about it, but I feel better already knowing that I have some personal protection. Now, where do I hide it? I’ll find a spot in the apartment.


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German and Japanese parallels once again, plus a non-secret?

I am writing another article about the Japanese situation for the Periodical of the Society for Geography. The Japanese seem to have taken my father’s geopolitical teachings to heart with their Shanghai and Manchurian adventures. The Japanese military hierarchy has displayed disdain for civilian rule – similar to the disdain the German Army has for the Wiemar republic, I might add – and is in the process of single handedly taking control of Manchuria from right under the noses of the Chinese and the Soviets (and apparently Japan’s civilian government). There is talk in Tokyo of a coup d’etat.

Japan learned a vital lesson in 1905 when it beat the Russians in fairly short order. Leading Japanese militarists of the time knew that Japan could not economically support a long war, thus they made bold strokes to end the 1905 conflict as quickly as possible. Geopolitics dictated this lightning-like denouement because the Japanese war planners and logisticians knew then and know now that total war means the entire nation and economy must back national war efforts. Japan’s problem is that it still does not have enough strategic materials (oil, iron and food) to wage total war with Russia, Britain or the United States. And it has not had this capability for decades. Where to get the strategic materials to conduct total war? Manchuria, of course. These are the same geopolitical land-grabbing tactics my father instilled into Rudolph Hess at the University of Munich in the 1920’s and Hess passed onto Hitler. I am convinced Hitler and his leadership have their eyes firmly pointed eastward to the vast, fertile lands of Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, not to mention the oilfields of Romania. Oil, food, minerals and other strategic materials are within Germany’s grasp. It is only natural that Germany, viewed as a living organism, should expand eastward. The defining question is what will happen to the millions of people already living in the east? Removal, slavery, extermination?  We have clues in Hitler’s writings and statements  and things do not bode well for ‘inferior’ races in the East. The Japanese, in turn, see the Koreans and Chinese as inferior races as well. The parallels between the actions and the planning of Germany and Japan are striking.

I have uncovered an important fact. A source this week informed me that the German government started rebuilding its military forces in secret back in 1928, permission for funding being given by a secret vote of the military council. This thrust for rearmament was in response to the Soviet’s first five year plan, which German intelligence believes has a huge budget for armaments, several billion marks. Hitler isn’t in power and yet our nation is already in a secret arms race with the great powers. Astounding! The right wing of our country is pushing the nation towards war. I should let my friends in Britain know that the present government, through internal pressures, has once again begun to build armaments, perhaps even an air force, which is banned entirely. Am I a traitor to reveal this information? I think not, for how is it possible that Britain and France aren’t already aware of this development and why do they not publicly react?

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Hitler is not yet master

Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in ...
Image via Wikipedia

Good news. Albert Einstein is steaming home from Los Angles to Hamburg on the USS San Francisco. This gives me some strength that I am indeed not the only man in Germany that thinks Hitler and his brownshirts are an abhorrent aberration. Perhaps with such a world-famous personality as Einstein and other non-political leaders influencing the masses, Germany can yet find its way out of this fascist mess. I am by no means comparing myself to the great scientist, but I do take solace that he too has hope for the salvation of  the Fatherland. I was bitterly afraid that he was going to stay in the West. I could not blame him or any other right minded man for wanting to protect himself and especially his family from what may occur here in the homeland. Particularly to Jews like myself. My father (non-Jew) and mother (half-Jew) are adamant that they will stay in Bavaria despite anything that may happen in Berlin. We have discussed leaving Germany for England if Hitler ever came to power, but my parents are staunch nationalists and insist they will never leave their country. My younger brother Hans feels the same way. Ada and myself, however, could pack up in a day for England and its green hills and fervent democracy. We would, of course, support those who stayed behind until the fascist storm passed, as surely it must dissipate, either collapsing from within or forcibly falling from international pressure. My long-term concern, however, is the tyrant Mussolini has held onto power for a decade now and is still the master of Italy. He is someone Hitler obviously wants to emulate. May the sun never rise on such a day. I am afraid that with my family’s stubborn assertions that they would stay in Bavaria despite politics in Berlin, my heart would burst if I did not stay, too. Of course, my mind, mouth and pen would rebel under the yoke of a fascist regime. Of this dissidence too, I must be careful, as my actions could have dire consequences for my loved ones and circle of friends. I  must continue to fight the good fight by keeping my head down but my aim straight. Mr. Einstein, we await your arrival with open arms. We need you and a million more like you.

Bad news. Herr Hitler has not faded from the scene, not by any means! If anything, he is driven like a demon. He is flying up and down and across Germany like a madman, like a crazy Flying Dutchman, drumming up tens of thousands of supporters for Nazi representatives in the coming local elections throughout Germany. This is the first time in history that a politician has used air flight to such advantage. Hitler is also a master of radio and recording speeches for replaying in rural areas. My feeling is that Goebbles has much to do with this propaganda push.  My sources tell me that the Nazis will either gain a outright majority in the local Diets or will be able to band together with splinter parties to gain complete control. Oh, what a heartbreaking thought. When will we be rid of this madman and his band of hell-raisers? Riots continue in the streets. Particularly nasty are the Communist-Fascist brawlings. I continue to insist that Ada not travel alone in Berlin. I or a friend must be with her at all times. It is best for all of us to stay inside after dusk. Dozens of Berliners are dying every week on both sides of the political spectrum. Civil war reigns in Berlin as the world watches yet seems not to care. Heaven help us.

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Hess visits, says Hitler undeterred

Monday, April 11, 1932. Hess visited my office today. He insisted that we discuss politics in my personal quarters, not in my office. We walked up two flights of stairs to my private apartment. I offered Hess a drink, but as usual, he declined.

We are acquaintances through my father and I am appreciative of his candor with me, however, I find that the man is not very bright. His closeness to Hitler is useful so I suffer his company. Today he had some disturbing news about Hitler. Positive for him, unsettling for me. Since Hess is such a fanatic for the NSDAP and Hitler himself, I must hold my tongue in order to continue obtaining information from him. He is one of my open sources. He seems to think he can either win me over to the Nazi cause or that I can at least avoid bashing the Nazis in my official journal writings. He frequently asks about my father, so I see on his part a growing sense of personal importance in national politics that he wishes me to pass on to my father the general without doing so directly himself. I promised Hess I would tell my father of his visit.

Today he reinforced my perception that Hitler is a devious fellow and that, unfortunately, the Nazi kingpin is not disappearing from the national stage anytime soon. Hitler’s plan is as follows: Hindenburg is a very old man and he won’t last out his current term. This gives the Nazis an opening within the next few years, if not months or weeks. There are state elections coming up and Hitler will throw his considerable political weight and money behind Nazi candidates. Thus the Nazis will increase their share of seats in the Reichstag. These events, combined with meddling by Hitler and his cronies, particularly Goering, will present an inevitable opportunity to take over the government.

Hitler has just lost two national elections in one month and the man and his inner circle are giddy with anticipation! The gall of it stuns me. We shall see what the coming months bring. Hitler, Hess, Goering, Goebbels, and Himmler are like vultures waiting for Hindenburg to pass into the next world. Of course, if confronted, they would consider themselves Valkyries – swooping to take Hindenburg to his rightful place in Valhalla and when their task is complete they would then take over Germany to save us all. Deutschland Uber Alles!

Hess was smiling and in good spirits when he left my apartment. He insisted as always that we share horoscopes before departing. His eyes lit up when he had a favorable reading. I, on the other hand, had an appropriately dark reading and took the rest of the day off, canceling my office appointments, drinking a bottle of schnapps and sleeping off a sense of agitation and depression. A brief call from Ada did not alleviate my feeling of foreboding. She was concerned about me. I told her I was not good company and that I’d see her tomorrow for dinner.

I noticed today that Hess now has a personal driver. An armed stormtrooper, of course.

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Joyous day! Hitler loses to Hindenburg

Ada and I are celebrating this evening with dinner at the Hotel  Excelsior after we learned that Hitler lost the runoff election to old man Hindenburg. Hitler’s additional 2 million votes were not enough to overtake the old general.

There is no word yet how Hitler is taking the defeat, but his communications man, Joseph Goebbels, is said to be stricken with depression. London’s Daily Telegraph predicts the end of Hitler. Let’s hope they are correct.

The fate of the militant arm of the Nazis in the hands of the Weimar government. There are rumors that the stormtroopers will be banned throughout Germany.

Ada and I chose the Excelsior for dinner specifically because Hitler has banned his party from using the hotel. It is not widely known that Nazi officials were turned down by the Excelsior when they asked to use it as  Hitler’s Berlin headquarters. Hitler and his followers operate from the Kaiserhof instead and do not trade at the Excelsior. We should have an excellent evening together at the Askanischen Platz.

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Rumors fly on eve of chaotic run off election

The campaign is only a week long and so everything is compressed, including rumors. Via airplane, Hitler and his flying circus are visiting many cities each day addressing tens of thousands of admiring crowds. Hindenburg holes up at his estate.

Getting back to rumors, the biggest rumor of all is that we haven’t seen old man Hindenburg because he is dying. My sources tell me this has no truth in it. Also, rumors are spreading that his son Oskar has become a socialist and will vote for Hitler. Other rumors fly that Hindenburg’s two middle-aged daughters have become leaders of a Socialist student party.

On the other side of the fence, Hitler supposedly has become a vegetarian because he has stomach cancer. He claims he won’t live long and must win the presidency quickly to implement his plans for the German people.

SA Storm Trooper leader Ernst Roehm is back in the news. The Munich Post has published an unflattering story about the man’s homosexual proclivities. A close source tells me Hitler is enraged, but not at the newspaper. He is furious at the SA leader for once again attracting negative attention, especially during this extremely short campaign season. Hitler dispatched his lawyer, Hans Frank, to talk directly to Roehm to find out the details. Frank was stunned when tough man Roehm admitted to being ‘bisexual.’  Hitler still stands by his old SA friend but has made it clear that in no circumstance must children be involved. If children are involved Hitler told Frank that Roehm ‘Must go!’

An aside: my travels took me to the outskirts of Berlin today and I saw vagabonds at every street corner. Unlike Berlin central where the police keep them out of sight, the periphery of Berlin is rife with the unemployed and the vagrant. This worries me. These could be Hitler voters.

The undercurrent of civil war continues to bubble on the streets as well. I came across a beggar who was recently blinded in one eye. He told me he was a communist who had a violent tussle with Nazis who used brass knuckles with spikes. I fear that Hitler will do well tomorrow. But I hope that Hindenburg will keep the fascists from coming to power. Germans prefer order to chaos and I believe Hitler represents the worst political party ever to emerge in German history.

I’ve told Ada to confine her travels  to central Berlin and that I shall accompany her if she needs to go elsewhere in the capital.

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Hitler made German citizen by appointment

As predicted, Adolph Hitler was made a German citizen by appointment this week. No major announcement was made so as not to magnify the embarrassing fact that until this week, Hitler was stateless. Very quietly he was made a counselor of Braunschweig (Brunswick) by the Nazi Minister of the Interior and Education of that state, Dietrich Klagges. Hitler is now a low-ranking government official at the Brunswick State Culture and Surveying Office. This is preposterous, but it fulfills the letter of the law. Hitler can now officially run for German President.

A source tells me that Klagges failed earlier this year to appoint Hitler as associate professor of “Politics and Organic Sociology” at the Braunschweig Technical College, which would have also conferred citizenship. The college vehemently opposed the scheme and Hitler was mortified by the local public uproar. Klagges only kept his job because he was needed to complete this week’s blatant coup. He succeeded in the scheme with the help of Nazi big wig  Hermann Goering. Without the help of Goering, Klagges could have lost not only his position in the NSDAP, but his head as well. Thanks to the Klagges intrigue, we don’t have to call Hitler “Herr professor.”

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Hindenburg rises to the occasion; Hitler ruminates

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The old war horse Paul von Hindenburg has said he will run again for president. Elections are not far off – March 13, 1932, and one has to wonder what the Hitlerites will do. Hitler himself is talking as if he has already won the presidency, but he isn’t even a German citizen! He has no country. His native countrymen, the Austrians, wiped their hands of him almost 15 years ago when he joined the Bavarian army. They don’t want that rabble-rouser back any more than we want him running our country!

A Nazi informant says of Hitler, “The Fuehrer  has his plans all finished. He speaks, acts and feels as if we were already in power.”

What are the Nazis cooking up that will make Herr Hitler a citizen? Another source indicates there are plans afoot in Brunswick to appoint Hitler to a position that will grant him automatic citizenship. If so, we shall see if the public likes such crafty political moves when they vote next month.

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Hitler thinks Reichstag building should be burned

the-stormy-abyssreichstag building

I have a source that tells me Hitler commented that the Reichstag building is ugly and hideous. More remarkable, Hitler claims it looks like a Jewish synagogue and should be burnt to the ground.  Only then, he said, will Germany start to be free from “foreign influence.”

Hitler made it clear in Mein Kampf that he despises all parliaments dating back to his days in Vienna. But this statement is beyond the pale. This is a direct attack on the Wiemar Republic and democracy in Germany. While I am no fan of the Republic, I do not advocate arson and the destruction of democratic institutions.

I cannot release Hitler’s damnable opinion to the newspapers because it was said in confidence to a very small group of individuals at the Albon Hotel and my source would be exposed.


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