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Rumors fly on eve of chaotic run off election

The campaign is only a week long and so everything is compressed, including rumors. Via airplane, Hitler and his flying circus are visiting many cities each day addressing tens of thousands of admiring crowds. Hindenburg holes up at his estate.

Getting back to rumors, the biggest rumor of all is that we haven’t seen old man Hindenburg because he is dying. My sources tell me this has no truth in it. Also, rumors are spreading that his son Oskar has become a socialist and will vote for Hitler. Other rumors fly that Hindenburg’s two middle-aged daughters have become leaders of a Socialist student party.

On the other side of the fence, Hitler supposedly has become a vegetarian because he has stomach cancer. He claims he won’t live long and must win the presidency quickly to implement his plans for the German people.

SA Storm Trooper leader Ernst Roehm is back in the news. The Munich Post has published an unflattering story about the man’s homosexual proclivities. A close source tells me Hitler is enraged, but not at the newspaper. He is furious at the SA leader for once again attracting negative attention, especially during this extremely short campaign season. Hitler dispatched his lawyer, Hans Frank, to talk directly to Roehm to find out the details. Frank was stunned when tough man Roehm admitted to being ‘bisexual.’  Hitler still stands by his old SA friend but has made it clear that in no circumstance must children be involved. If children are involved Hitler told Frank that Roehm ‘Must go!’

An aside: my travels took me to the outskirts of Berlin today and I saw vagabonds at every street corner. Unlike Berlin central where the police keep them out of sight, the periphery of Berlin is rife with the unemployed and the vagrant. This worries me. These could be Hitler voters.

The undercurrent of civil war continues to bubble on the streets as well. I came across a beggar who was recently blinded in one eye. He told me he was a communist who had a violent tussle with Nazis who used brass knuckles with spikes. I fear that Hitler will do well tomorrow. But I hope that Hindenburg will keep the fascists from coming to power. Germans prefer order to chaos and I believe Hitler represents the worst political party ever to emerge in German history.

I’ve told Ada to confine her travels  to central Berlin and that I shall accompany her if she needs to go elsewhere in the capital.

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Strange happenings on a train

I decided to visit my parents. We have an old ancestral home in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps near Munich.

My monotonous  train ride from Berlin to Munich was interrupted in Nurnberg when four tough SA Brownshirts boarded the train and sat in the row in front of me.  They entertained themselves by pulling out their wallets and sharing pictures. At first I thought the pictures were of girlfriends, but I overheard one of the Stormtroopers say, “Isn’t he good looking?”

I leaned forward a bit, pretending to retrieve a section of my newspaper. This is when I caught a glance of one of the pictures. It was a handsome young man. A member of the SA party met my glance and gave me a hard stare. I decided I would find a seat elsewhere, farther away from these scar-faced thugs.

My father the WWI  general will be interested to know that Hitler’s venerated SA tolerates homosexuality. This is no surprise as it is headed by Ernst Roehm.


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