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Menzies contacts me again. This time about IBM.

British intelligence has contacted me again. Menzies wants me to be on the lookout for information about the scientific concept of “massively organized information” being developed by International Business Machines (IBM) and it’s German subsidiary Deutsche Hollerith Maschinan Gesellschaft, or Dehomag,  for short.

Apparently, Dehomag is perfecting a census system in Germany using an electronic machine that can tabulate up to 256 pieces of information about an individual on one 5×3 inch punched card. This system will revolutionize the amount of information the  government can collect about its population. What will be done with this information is still a mystery to me.

Technology is not my forte, so Menzies promised to provide more detail on this subject (and Dehomag)  in a package to be delivered tomorrow at our drop location in the Tiergarten.

June 3, 2010   No Comments