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S.S. marriage – a sign of things to come?

thestormyabyss.com - Himmler

January, 1932. I have just received a copy (from a covert source) of Heinrich Himmler’s  Marriage Law for the members of the S.S. (Shutzstaffel). It stipulates that the bloodlines of members remain ‘pure’ by demanding that future wives prove they have no Jewish or Slavic blood in their genealogy dating back to 1750.  Each member who wishes to get married must obtain a  marriage certificate from Himmler himself, or presumably his office. This is blatant selective breeding. Himmler is practicing eugenics with his own Waffen SS men. This is yet another bizarre instance the Nazi belief in the sanctity of German blood.

The S.S. has been bound by their word of honor never to reveal this law. I, however, have my methods, means and many contacts who wish to expose (dare I say, embarrass) the Nazis at every possible opportunity. I will discuss this with a few confidants and family, but will not publicly expose Himmler’s Marriage Law, at least not at this time. One has to pick the best place and time to strike at one’s enemy.

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