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Hess meeting focused on race

January 1932. I met with Rudolph Hess this afternoon at my apartment. We had a wide-ranging discussion. Today, Hess wanted to steer most of the conversation toward diffusing the ‘misunderstood’ racial policies of the Nazis. He said to pay little attention to what Hitler says on the subject, but I countered with the many hateful Jewish references in Mein Kampf, which I just finished reading. Hess tended to shrug off the statements, suggesting that Hitler was trying to satisfy a certain small segment of the Nazi party and other ultra-nationalists who need to hear such things in order to win votes. Hess tried to assure me that the vocal racists were not the majority in his party. Certainly, Germans could see that.

I reminded Hess that I myself am one-quarter Jewish on my mother’s side.

“You see! I am a Nazi and I am happily consorting with you, my good Albrecht! Plus you know I love your father, my favorite professor.”

But as we wrapped up our discussions, I was not sure who was trying to influence whom in our relationship. Hess is a big fan of the British (he abhors the Russians and French, as do I) and is convinced we will never go to war with England again. He knows I have many friends in Britain. Perhaps he is is trying to shape my view of the Nazis, knowing I will pass along neutral tidbits to my British contacts.

I myself, on the other hand, want to know more about the inner workings of the National Socialists with the hope I can help keep them from seizing power from Hindenburg.

I did get one bit of useful information from Hess. He indicated that Hitler is preparing one of the most modern presidential elections ever. Hitler plans to fly across all of Germany, using air transport as a means to visit several distant cities in one day. A brilliant idea I must confess, unfortunately, considering old man Hindenburg will not likely move an inch from his estate in Prussia during the election. He’ll try to run everything from his palace and rely heavily on his stature of  “Hero of Tannenberg.”

We ended our meeting in our usual way by comparing horoscopes and downing some schnapps. Hess made a point of letting me see his new Mercedes, a gift from Hitler.

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Rumblings from Leipzig

Word from Leipzig has arrived. Hitlerite speakers at the local congress continue to press the idea of the superiority of the “Nordic” race, whatever that is.It is a rather odd thing for the Nazis to propound when their leaders are all rather swarthy themselves! No blond, blue eyed Hitler, Hess, Goebbels or Himmler.

More ominously, the Leipzig Nazis called for the murder of Marxists, the abolition of trade unions and the mandatory sterilization of Jews and other “lesser” races in Germany (read: Slavs and Gypsies). How the Nazis are winning elections with this kind of wretched rhetoric is beyond my comprehension.

I think that they must be appealing to voters who want radical change because the Republic is perceived as corrupt and run by special interests. Other, less than desirable issues, such as sterilization and murder, are not in the forefront of the voter’s mind, though they obviously should be of concern to any civilized nation.  The political system in Germany appears to be broken to most Germans and Hitler and his brownshirts obviously have vigorous plans to attract non-Marxists, non-Catholics and hyper-nationalists, all of whom together constitute a majority of the populace.  Talk of oppressing minorities seems not to bother the average voter one pfennig.

Playing to the anti-Semitic feelings of many German Christians is to be expected. My question is, what constitutes a Jew in the Nazi mind? Full-blooded Jew? Half Jew? I am one-quarter Jew on my mother’s side. Am I to be sterilized if Hitler comes to power? Could it come to that? I would seriously consider leaving the county, perhaps for England or America ( I can’t abide the French ).

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