Historical fiction: The tragic life of Albrecht von Haar in journal format
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I have many sources of information across Germany and overseas because of  my position as the editor of the Periodical of the Society for Geography, a respected German journal. I am helped by relationships that I have developed through my father and via my international travels. These people are all valuable assets. They will not be named in this account, but I will share their reporting with you.

My position allows me to travel throughout Germany and Europe. I do meet clandestinely with several of my sources here and abroad. Some are inside the German government and could lose their jobs or worse if they found associating with me.



Some recent information: I have  heard from a source in Munich that Hitler has been in a deep depression since of the death of his niece Geli Raubal. In fact, he may be suicidal. Rumors are that they were romantically involved.

Additionally, I have continuing reports that Hitler’s chief of staff of the Brownshirt storm troopers (S.A. / Sturmabteilung), Captain Ernst Roehm, recently back from exile in Boliva, is a homosexual – a fact that is not reconcilable with the Nazi image of the Aryan warrior. It seems that Rhoem’s detractors in the Nazi Party are leaking or even manufacturing unflattering stories about his various appetites. These derogatory accounts are mysteriously appearing in newspapers and opposition pamphlets. Hitler seems to be standing by Roehm at this time. These  two thugs go back together to the German Workers Party and the Freikorps, a band of ex-military ruffians formed after the Great War. One wonders how long Roehm can survive these personal attacks.

Lastly, I’ve heard that Hitler is building a residence and compound in the Bavarian Alps at Berchtesgaten. Hitler, Austrian born, is strangely still not a German national and shows his continuing interest in his home country. His origins explain his off-putting south-German/Austrain accent. Perhaps he derives some comfort by setting up to live  near  the Austrian border not far from Salzburg. I am reading in Mein Kampf that he is eager for an Anschluss with Austria. As a matter of fact, in the book he expresses a desire for unification of Germany and Austria in the very first paragraph. He claims that he wants to save Austria from ‘Slavization.’ In his twisted mind Hungary and its Slavic population and culture exert a detrimental effect upon Vienna and the remnants of the old Austrian empire.

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