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First Time since War that Communists and Socialists Protest Together in Berlin

In a surprise move, the Reds and Socialists are protesting together today in the Lustgarten. What brought them together is Von Papen’s command to close the Vowaerts newspaper for five days.  His edict was upheld by the Supreme Court. The court’s ruling confirmed Von Papen’s claim that he had been slandered by a cartoon depicting him paying for new Nazi uniforms out of government funds. I have a grave concern with the government closing an opposition newspaper, even for a week. It may have a chilling effect on editors and reporters. I cannot imagine such a thing happening in London, Paris, or Washington. But in Berlin, we live in difficult times.

Chancellor von Papen making an address to Amer...

Chancellor von Papen making an address to American radio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)