Historical fiction: The tragic life of Albrecht von Haar in journal format
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Hitler flying madly across Germany prior to July 31, 1932 elections

Hitler is careening around Germany like a madman (again) prior to the July 31 elections. He feels The Old Gentleman won’t live forever. Hitler is flying crisscross over Germany like the proverbial Flying Circus – visiting some 50 cities. He has almost crashed several times in bad weather. He won’t fly with any pilot other than Hans Bauer. This week a crowd of 10,000 in Stralsund, Pomerania was kept waiting for 6 hours before Hitler showed up after dark to speak. If this fanaticism on the part of German voters is any indication, the Nazi numbers will very likely increase in the Reichstag come August.


Hitler (left), standing behind Hermann Göring ...

Hitler (left), standing behind Hermann Göring at a Nazi rally in Nuremberg (c. 1928) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)