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Reds threaten death to Hitler in Dusseldorf

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I returned to Berlin yesterday. Ada stopped by tonight and informed me that she was in Dusseldorf last week visiting her parents. She tells me there was quite a riot when Hitler spoke to local industrialists at a large hall in downtown Dusseldorf. The Communists gathered outside and caused quite a scene. Someone cried out, “Death to Hitler!” and the rush was on.

Hitler’s personal guard, the SA, did what they do best. They cracked heads. There was blood in the street. Ada explained that the SA is simply better armed and trained than the Reds and it showed. The local police came to clean up the mess, but not until after the storm troopers had their way with the Communists. Hitler made it clear that the Reds shall think again before tackling his well-trained bodyguards.

Ada’s parents were so shocked at the violence that they put her on the next train to Berlin and here we are. She’ll stay the night. I’ll finish my article on Japanese expansionism. Tomorrow Ada and I will spend the day together.


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