Historical fiction: The tragic life of Albrecht von Haar in journal format
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The moving earth dream

I had a disturbing dream while I was catching a nap on the train from Southampton to London. In the dream I was walking in a beautiful field of tall grass looking at a copse of tall trees in the distance. Some mist was forming by the trees.  A little boy came up to me and spoke in a language I did not understand, some Slavic tongue, yet somehow I knew precisely what he was telling me. He violently grabbed me by my right hand insisting that I follow him back home to his house in the nearby village. He implored me not to go into the woods.

I asked him why I should not proceed and he told me that “the ground moved” in those woods and that no one should go near the place until the ground stopped moving and the elders in the village did not know when that would be, if ever. He  called the wooded area the “Singing Forest” because villagers had heard what sounded like singing coming from the woods the day before. I asked him where his parents were, but he didn’t know. I insisted that that I must look into the wooded area. Something was pulling me there.The child finally let go of my hand and ran off to what appeared to be an Alpine mountain side, reminding me of my boyhood home in Bavaria.

I remember the sky was blue and the grass was waving like grain as I walked into the wooded area. There was no path. I made my own way. Shortly I came to a star-shaped bare earth area about 100 meters long and 30 meters wide. As I walked on it, I could feel some trembling in the soles of my shoes. I looked down and indeed the earth was moving in chaotic waves. It seemed as though something was buried and trying to get out. I knelt down to examine the ground and began to dig with both  my hands. After a few moments the earth stopped moving and was I preparing to stand up and leave this mysterious place when suddenly what looked like a woman’s hand shot out of the ground and grabbed me by the ankle. The hand was covered in some white substance and was unusually strong. I fell over, writhing and kicking in the dirt. I tried to scream but my vocal cords were paralyzed and that’s when I awoke.

The strangest thing was that my ankle had a burning sensation long after I had woken up.


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